“A Barrel of Kong” – Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet Inside a Barrel

This custom-made arcade cabinet is a barrel full of fun – literally!

A Barrel of Kong by Joel Griffin Dodd image 2

Since the first time I spotted one in my town’s pizza parlor, I’ve always been fond of the arcade cocktail table. Think about it! It’s a gaming machine that can be used for both entertainment and as a piece of furniture; you can’t say that about a Super Nintendo or a PlayStation 3.

Yup, in my mind, the arcade cocktail table, preferably running Ms. Pac-Man of course, is a true piece of brilliance. Although, brilliance can always be improved upon, and thanks to indie craftsman Joel Griffin Dodd and his Donkey Kong cocktail table, we see just that.

Joel’s Donkey Kong cab is made from a real wooden barrel, totally a perfect match considering the famous barrel-tossing ape from this Nintendo classic. I mean, just the thought of playing Donkey Kong from a freakin’ barrel has to magical on its own for Pete’s sake.

A Barrel of Kong by Joel Griffin Dodd image 1

Next to the assembly, which surprisingly took only 20 hours, Joel also devised the clever “Barrel of Kong” marquee art you see bordering the cocktail’s 17″ monitor and splashed behind the joystick and buttons – a splendid thematic touch.

Recently, Joel’s been slowly building up his arcade cabinet making expertise to see if there’s a way to build more cabinets and earn a profit off them. Right now this Donkey Kong barrel cab, along with his previous custom-made cabs, are just a mere hobby.

Hopefully, he finds a way to earn a rightful buck, because as we see here, Joel puts some fine dedication into his work. Kind of like the dedication we here at Walyou.com put into stories about wild-looking cities of the future and the latest games from E3 2013.