Microsoft’s release of the Destiny fragrance is a clever ploy

By this time last year everyone was talking about the release of GTA5. This time around everyone’s discussing Destiny, which Microsoft wants you to know is not a Playstation exclusive.

Destiny Fragrance

Destiny is an upcoming game created by Bungie (you know, the creators of Halo) that is releasing next week. The publishers, Activision have let Microsoft UK know that they are not allowed to advertise the game for Xbox One as Sony has the exclusive rights to do so, even though the game is releasing on both platforms.

Well, Microsoft still wanted to let their fanbase know they had something to look forward to, and if it’s not the game, then anything else would do. How about advertising the game as a fragrance, without mentioning the game at all? And that’s exactly what they did. As Microsoft UK explain in their Twitter account, Destiny is a “new fragrance by Xbox” … or an actual advert that is not an advert for real. Clever, Microsoft, clever. So, no, there’s no actual Destiny fragrance, which might be a good or bad thing depending on what you think gamers smell like.

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