MINI Car Flies High, Literally

Over the years, the MINI car has gained popularity for making the most of its available floor space and has proved to be one of the widely known economy cars.

To advertise this renowned car brand a Munich based idea agency, future:headz, came up with an avant garde concept which would certainly catapult this car in to limelight. A car stretched back on the sling of a humungous slingshot is just what it takes to entice attention. Patrick Stewart, the much celebrated Mini rally driver, once said that “MINI is the best car in the air”, as it turns out this concept completely explicates that statement and illustrates the ability of these cars to move swiftly while offering a wave of excitement.

Showing that these cars are literally able to fly in the air will gather a lot of attention which was precisely the motive to come up with such a novel idea.

The ad agency wanted to come up with a path breaking concept to create a stir in the automotive industry and it very well did by placing one of the most coveted models of this car brand on a slingshot. This concept brings forth the fact that MINI cars are symbolic of adventure and excitement. This construct can be seen outside MINI headquarters in Munich and will surely catapult the brand to new heights. This may bring a significant boost to the company’s reputation and brand value as it underlines the power and the excellent performance of its cars.

This concept is emblematic of the tagline “Another Day, Another Adventure” which was chosen for the new advertisement campaign. It very well explains the rush of adrenaline and the raw excitement experienced while driving these wonder machines. It needs no words to describe the idea propagated by this concept as it come across loud and clear. You might also want to take a look at the iPad App Advertisement and the Kinect Interactive Ads that we had written about some time ago.