Slo Mo Guys Explode a Watermelon Using 500 Elastic Bands

When watermelons explode! Two guys watch what happens when a simple,ordinary watermelon is wrapped with 500 elastic bands. The result is messy but fun to watch!

Let’s face it, exploding fruit is fun. And watermelons make for the ideal candidate. They have a hard shell on the outside but are super soft on the inside. The popular comedian, Gallagher, showed an ideal use for watermelons as one of his signature acts during any comedy show as he would smash watermelons using an oversized mallet. (By the way, ever get a front row ticket to one of his shows; make sure to bring your rain slicker!)

A duo known for slow motion destruction and aptly named ‘The Slo Mo Guys,’ opted to take a watermelon and wrap hundreds of elastic bands around it, 500 elastic bands to be exact, and watch and wait until the pressure got to be so much that the watermelon literally exploded!

The process took approximately 20 minutes and The Slow Mo Guys recorded the ensuing action using a slow motion camera able to take 1,600 images every second.

You can already start to see the pressure building up on the watermelon

They were about to put another elastic band on the watermelon when KABOOM!

I repeat – KABOOM! And you can see the ball of elastic bands that snapped right off to the side of the picture!

So far, this duo has around 61 slow motion videos posted, including going after a computer using a sledgehammer (think “Officespace” just not a baseball bat to a fax machine), using an apple as a golf ball, and bottle-bombs (you have to see it)! Check out the video of the watermelon experiment below:

The Slo Mo Guys do not offer any explanations as to their motivations, but they do not need to. Watching the enjoyment on their face as they do these experiments is explanation enough! That is the great thing about science, you do not need an explanation aside from the enjoyment of trying something new and from a very different perspective!

For a more artistic use of watermelon, check out a dragon sculpture or a samurai carving made out of this delicious fruit!