Kinect Bringing Interactive Advertisements Soon?

Since the invention of the new motion capture gaming technology, we’ve seen quite a few advancements and it really shouldn’t be a shock to anybody that the apparent newest advancement is going to be interactive advertisements.

The Microsoft Kinect has long demonstrated to have several different uses beyond simply playing Microsoft games.  There is of course the installation that allows for a 30 foot tall elephant to mimic every movement that someone standing in front of the Kinect camera.  There is also a hack that will allow you to use the Kinect to play games on the iPad but now there appears to be a truly new invention that will be hitting the open market soon.

Microsoft NUads are coming and while the details are still sketchy it appears that while gaming using the Microsoft Kinect there will be interactive advertisements for different users.  Or at the very least, it appears they are coming and soon.  There has not actually been any confirmation of these NUads from Microsoft itself but there is a patent currently pending that would allow these kinds of ads before the FEC.  In addtion, there are several different reporters that are floating this very idea.

Whether this will be something that can actually be seen as fun for the users of the Kinect of course has yet to be seen.  There may be a chance that this will just be yet another intrusive way to get ads to customers in ways that they won’t exactly want to be getting ads.  It is most likely that the ads, which appear to be something that will actually be inserted in games will be completely accessible through the Kinect camera and could even offer advertisements that are geared directly towards whatever game the user is currently playing.  The official patent application wording is this:

Advertising services, namely, promoting and marketing the goods and services of others through online interactive video games by enabling consumers to interact with third-party advertising content through voice or body gestures via computer game console and sensor devices.

While the application for a patent doesn’t mean without a shadow of a doubt that the NUads will be coming soon but Microsoft seems to be putting some sort of plan in place.