Space Invaders Chess Set on Kickstarter

I for one welcome our new Space Invader overlords… in a cool chess set that you can help get made on Kickstarter.

Located in Traverse, Michigan, NMI Laser specializes in – well, you guessed it friends – commercial laser cutting and engraving for all sort of objects, be it signs for businesses or aluminum pet tags for Fido or Mr. Whiskers. They also like videogames, which is pretty evident with their latest laser cutting project and Kickstarter drive, a Space Invaders Chess Set.

Space Invaders Chess Set by NMI Laser image 1

More importantly, my homeskillets: it’s the raddest Space Invaders Chess Set you’ve probably ever seen! The chess pieces – copied bit-by-bit from the classic arcade game – are all laser cut from glowing neon-colored acrylic along with the black space-like chessboard, which perfectly collide into one awesomely designed chessboard with a nostalgic 1980’s arcade feel.

Why did NMI Laser opt for chess and not, say, Tiddlywinks? (Teehee…) Well have you ever seen a screen shot of Space Invaders? The “Invaders” portion to be precise; looks sort of like one-half of a chessboard, correct? Yup, it sure does. Heck, even the different types of aliens ascending down are kind of arranged in a chess-like monarchy.

Space Invaders Chess Set by NMI Laser image 2

I’m not totally certain if that was NMI Laser’s reasoning, but it’s the most logical to me gosh darn it. Also logical: supporting this EXCELLENT chess set on Kickstarter for any monetary amount of your choosing. The Space Invaders Chess Set needs to reach its $5,000 USD goal by Thursday February 28, so if you want to help out a kick-ass project, please do!

Huh? It already passed its goal long ago? Oh… Well, that doesn’t mean you still can’t back it. No sir-ree! Just head on over to NMI Laser’s Kickstarter page and check out the individual pledge donation-level incentives that also include a way to own this funky chess set.

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