Mitsubishi Announces the OLED Globe

The globe is a fascinating topic that has kept scientists, philosophers and prophets wondering and thinking for thousands of years.

Finally, most of its mysteries are solved, and we know exactly where we are [placed in the universe, as a speck on a tiny ball that revolves around a tiny star.

Nevertheless, that has not stopped scientists from recreating the globe in many different ways, and the latest representation of the globe comes in the form of the world’s first large-scale spherical OLED screen. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has just announced that it has installed the OLED Globe at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. The OLED globe measures 6 meters and it hangs from a height of 18 meters from the floor. It is built with aluminium and the globe’s body is covered with 10,362 OLED panels.

The OLED Globe will be unveiled officially by the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation as the museum’s brand-new “Geo-Cosmos” exhibit on the 11th of June. The OLED screen would also display clouds and other meteorological images taken from various satellites. The spherical OLED screen comes with a feature resolution of more than 10 million pixels. Dentsu helped Mitsubishi with the planning, Go and Partners, Inc. helped in the image-processing and transmission system, and the spheroid design was created by GK Tech Inc.

Thus, Mitsubishi took help from many companies to create this amazing Spherical OLED screen. I am not sure how the screen could be used in future apart from being used as a globe in the museum. You could also take a look at the OLED Wrist Communicator, OLED Bracelet and the OLED Keyboard which we had featured some time back. Perhaps OLED has already replaced LED, and we shall soon begin to see gadgets having OLED displays instead of the usual LED ones.