MOCAheart, a cardiovascular health tracker for the masses

MOCAheart is a ECG tracking device that will help you monitor your own body, but with a twist that makes it way more useful and easy to read.


Sedentary life, although all too common, is not the best for our health. For those who need a little extra help with awareness and taking care of their own bodies, here comes MOCAheart, a gadget recently funded on KickStarter that is up to the task. MOCAheart doesn’t try to be like every other tracker and measure heart rate, blood oxygenation, and so on (although it can, if that’s what you want), but provide information based on their special proprietary format, the MOCA INDEX that is easier to read, and more useful to work around if you’re not a doctor.

MOCAheart 2

The MOCA INDEX is derived from the velocity of blood moving through the body, using pulse transit time to indicate a reading, and calculate from that whether a person’s blood pressure is regular or not. This differs from other methods that use pulse transit time by being less complicated, and in the end, more useful. But if the concept is hard to grasp, check the video the MOCA team did where they do this gadget proper justice.

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