Bungie Bares Their Big Heart To Liver Transplant Patient

Bungie are probably best known for their incredible work on the Halo franchise, one of the hottest Xbox and Xbox 360 titles, but now, we have to add their generosity to the list.

Bungie and liver transplant patient 1

Liver transplants are not something unheard of, medically speaking, but this one particular case got the attention of the geek and gaming community for being one of the most heart-warming moments in recent history. A young boy, and a fan of the Halo franchise recently had to undergo surgery and in order to cheer him up after that, his dad decided to try his luck contacting the Bungie Foundation to get him some Halo memorabilia. Turns out the Bungie team went way above their duty and not only gave the kid a bunch of freebies and stuff that are sure to turn the memory into something neat, but also even visited him in the hospital.

Bungie and liver transplant patient 2

We’re happy to report that the boy is recovering as of now, and their parents grateful to both the doctors and Bungie for their work. They claim the helmet, albeit heavy, is making him extremely happy as it’s one of his favorite franchises. The funniest part is how his dad explained that this is not your typical Halo kid playing and cursing through a headset in an M-rated game: “Those that are concerned about kids playing an M rated game. He doesn’t playyy like you or I would sit and play. He doesn’t just hop on multiplayer with a headset and microphone or just start playing the campaign. I’ll sit down and play a part of the campaign with him, or mom will join us for our own multiplayer game. He likes the idea of Halo more than playing Halo. His interest has transcended the games, he would rather battle it out with his Halo action figures, anyway. The Spartan storyline just gets his imagination going, it’s wonderful.”

Bungie and liver transplant patient 3

Bungie, you’ve not only created an awesome game and helped someone out, but also managed to warm our cold, cynic hearts, and for that, we thank you too! You may see more pictures that the boy’s dad set up in this imgur album.

Bungie and liver transplant patient 4

Source: reddit

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