Fairy Tale Princesses in a Bleak, Modern Future

A brilliant project by photographer Dina Goldstein, a photo series called ‘Fallen princesses’, telling us there are no happy endings in real, modern life. Snow White raises kids in a boring life, Rapunzel has cancer while Ariel is exhibited in aquariums.

Snow White – Stay at Home Mom

Ariel – Trapped

Truth is, if mankind ever discovered mermaids, they’d probably be taken and be put in some fish tank in Sea World.

Cinderella – Stuck in a Bar

Jasmine – Life is War

Pocahontas – Cat Lady

Princess and the Pea

Rapunzel – Cancer Treatment

Maybe it’s a curse from the gods, not showing a kind eye to vanity. Cancer caused about 15% of all human deaths worldwide.

Little Red Riding Hood

Sleeping Beauty – Getting Old

There are no happy endings, and sleeping beauty never wakes up. The prince just grows old, as he keeps trying to wake her up. Maybe he’s thinking about what he has or hasn’t accomplished in his life.

Belle – Artificial Beauty

A painful look at what the values regarding beauty have become, or what people will do to remain beautiful, fighting off nature.