Monopoly Gamers Have Decided on the Newest Playing Piece

When we think of popular board games, Monopoly is probably the first name that springs to mind. After decades of development and dozens of special editions released, the world’s favorite money game will be getting a much-deserved update – thanks to the fans who voted!

In January 2012, Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly, launched a Facebook campaign to determine which token or playing piece will be discontinued, and which design will replace it. Through the survey, Monopoly asked its fans to “save your token,” and vote for their favorites. At the same time, they had to choose from five new prospective tokens. During the first week of February, all votes were tallied, and sadly it was the iron token that got sacked.

Replacing the iron token was the crowd favorite – and not surprisingly – the cat! It seems like Scottie, the ever-faithful terrier token on the board game will now have a new nemesis, in terms of popularity among game goers. Kind of makes you wonder, who among your family and friends will get dibs on the cat on your next board game night?

Monopoly New Token

The cat token beat out its four competitors, an electric guitar, a diamond ring, a robot, and a helicopter. Hasbro has announced that they will be including the cat token on its new editions of Monopoly games, and fans can expect those to be available by the end of year 2013.

It looks like future Monopoly players won’t be seeing the good old iron piece anymore. Rather unfortunate for me, as it was my personal favorite because it had a built-in handle for easy movement across the game board. But, oh well, Monopoly does deserves a revamp this year, and what more to excite patrons of the game but to add a new fun character!

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Via Huffington Post