World’s Most Expensive iPhone 4GS Gold Goes for $9.3 Million

The world’s single most expensive iPhone, the 4GS Gold, goes for a solid $9.3 million and comes in it’s own jewel encrusted carrying case.

iphone 4gs gold screen

We’ve heard of expensive consumer gadgets before, but this one takes the cake, easily. The new limited edition iPhone 4GS Gold sells is quite possibly the single most expensive smart phone ever made, and unless you’re an oil baron or wall-street banker, you’re probably never going to get close to one of these.

According to our source, the iPhone has just over 500 flawless diamonds that adorn the sides and a central bezel made from rose, totalling over 100 karats worth. The back plate of the phone is made from 24 karat gold, and has a 24 karat gold Apple logo which also happens tp be addorned with diamonds (53 to be exact!). Talk about the single most expensive logo out there.

iphone 4gs gold back

In addition, the home button on the front of the phone is made from gold and contains a large 8.6 karat diamond right in the middle, with the option to have it replaced with a 7.4 karat flawless pink diamond. It’s nice to know that the consumer has some choice in personalizing their phone.

As if that wasn’t enough, the phone itself comes in a carrying case that is worth a fortune in its own right. Made from solid platinum, the top of the chest features a design made from opals, rutile quartz, sunstone and other previous stones.

most expensive iphone 4gs

Oh, and there’s apparently even small bone fragments from a tyrannaurus rex on there somewhere. Yeah.

Remarkably, this is actually a real phone. The storage size is 64 gb and you can make calls on it, but considering how much this phone costs, is it really something you would want to carry around in public or ever use?

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