Live Evergreen Tree Dock for the iPhone

Check out the Live Evergreen Dock for iPhones, made from real wood and moss, and it actually charges your phone too!

go green with evergreen ipod dock

Ever think about sprucing up your living room and showing your friends how much of an old hippy you might be? Well if that’s the case, then you’re in luck: these Live Evergreen iPhone docks look like they belong in the great outdoors, and are sure to turn your iPhone charging station into a little forest of its own.

According to our source, each of these Live Evergreen Docks are handmade from an artist who’s selling them over Etsy. Despite being called “evergreen” the wood actually comes from an oak tree, and the moss is, well, moss. At least it’s preserved in order to permanently stay green and not dry up on you.

For all of you eco-savvy people out there: don’t worry! Even those these docks are made from trees, there’s no industry out there chopping down oaks to produce these. Each one of these docks is made from the wood of a tree that already died, usually taken from the stump or broken logs. I mean, we could send those dead trees to becoming pulp and paper, or we can use them to replace all those plastic iPhone docks that litter our offices.

These devices should be compatible with any Apple device, and go for around $96 from the seller. Each one is hand crafted, so supplies are pretty limited unless you don’t mind waiting.

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