Motorcycle Sculptures Made of Watch Parts

Motorcycles have always been a guy thing, and so have been working with machines and mechanics.

Thus, it doesn’t come to us as a surprise that the creator of these wonderful art objects is a guy who has taken a lot of pains to assemble watch parts to create art objects which include choppers and trikes. The artist does not have a lot to say about his work but great works of art speak out for themselves, and not much need to be said about them.

The wheels of the motorcycle are made from a watch’s wheel and the metal straps have been used to create the motorcycle’s body. In fact, it is surprising how the artist has managed to use just old watch parts to create such amazing art pieces. These choppers and trikes look very realistic and resemble the real stuff quite a lot.

In fact, any motorcycle lover would agree that these art pieces are almost like the real choppers that they ride on. It is intriguing how watches have always inspired artists to create mechanical objects and spare parts of watches have been used in modern industrial art for quite some time anyway.

deviantART user dkart71 has tons of pictures at his profile, and you would be lost in there, admiring the many art pieces that he has created. Mechanical watches themselves have become almost obsolete, and have a sort of Steampunk look to them. Thus, these choppers and trikes too have a distinctly Steampunk feel to them thanks to all the rusty metallic pieces used to create them.

Via: Neatorama

This should inspire other people who have old watches at home to use the spare parts to create art. Who knows, there could always be an artist hidden behind everybody! While watch parts and using them for art pieces is a different story altogether, Horology is yet another interesting mechanical realm. You could check out Horological machines like the No2-SV Watch, MB&F No. 4 Thunderbolt Horological Machine and even the Cubert Clock.