Munny Meets Hellraiser for a Freakishly Scary Figurine

Hellraiser fans unite. There’s finally a new item to add to your Hellraiser collections. Pinhead is back and bringing the pain. This time Mike Friedrich created him in an evil horrific Munny form. Mike solved the cryptic box by using acrylic paint and nails on the vinyl figurine to make the gruesome Munny come to life. 

Pinhead close up

Based on the design, I would say that Mike Friedrich used the Munny character design as his blank canvas and created Pinhead from the ground up. My favorite part of the design is the attention to detail. The facial features are quite impressive for the Munny, even adding shadowing in the creases of the face. I would only change one thing in the design for the Munny, and that is the eyes. There are no pupils, just dark areas. It loses an additional touch that could be added. However, he makes up for it with the actual nails that are pierced throughout the entire head.

Munny’s are the newest craze of do-it-yourself toys made from soft, smooth vinyl. There are 5 main characters to choose from: Munny, Bub, Trikky, Raffy, and Rooz. Each character is a blank canvas for the creator to put their artistic skill into play. Painting, sculpting, posing, or leave it blank, whatever you decide the customization of the Munny is yours.

Pinhead Front

You can buy a Munny to customize at: Kidrobot. Price varies depending on the size, shape, and rarity. They can be as cheap as $9.95 or as much as $200.

I have to commend Mike. Not only on his time and effort he put into the Munny Doll, but his version of Pinhead was wonderful. The overall look of the doll is really amazing; the gruesome details are very precise, and it creates the ultimate Pinhead Munny.

Pinhead back

If you enjoy Munny artwork, check out other Munny dolls, like this Master Chief Munny Doll or Dwight Schrute Munny Doll by Graphic Designer Byron Louie.

Via: Toy Served