Musaic Wireless HiFi Audio System Controls Your Music and Your Lights

We are so used to things having only one function that we act extremely surprised when a company launches a wireless HiFI music system capable of controlling our lights, not only of our music.

Musaic was developed by Matthew Bramble, who has acted as Technical Director of Cambridge Audio for 10 years, along with Carolyn Van Dongen. Bramble revealed to Gizmag that he has been planning to create such a product for quite a while now: “I’ve been thinking about it for years. The big leap came when Carolyn and I were thinking about moving house. We realized that if we wanted to do something new whilst still relatively young and untied-down, this was actually the time. So last May instead we gathered our savings, put the move on hold, I left my job and we started Musaic.”

Similar in concept to Sonos, Musaic takes things a bit further by adding smart home functionality to an already brilliant wireless HiFi music system. Most manufacturers of audio equipment are not that keen to recommend buying one of their devices for each of your rooms. In Musaic’s case, however, this is exactly what you need to do to make magic happen. Upon placing a Musaic in each of your rooms, you can synchronize between them the music that’s being played back or, on the contrary, you can have each Musaic playing a different song.

One could argue that there already are plenty of wireless HiFi music systems on the market, but in reality, few have such a high quality and even fewer are backed by people who have worked for an audio equipment manufacturer for a decade.

Another great thing about Musaic is that it does not discriminate its sources, when it comes to streaming music. The device will work equally fine with PCs, Macs, Android, iOS devices, and even NAS drives or UPNP/DLNa servers. What more could you ask from a HiFi system?

The London-based company is slowly but surely approaching the approximately $100,000 goal it has established on Kickstarter. The campaign will end in 25 days, so I’m confident about people seeing the true potential of this device. After all, it’s not everyday that you can buy a wireless HiFi music system that takes control over your lighting fixtures.

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