MyGreatFest: First Ever Jailbreakers’ Convention to Be Held in London

Jailbreaking has always been seen as a seedy and shadowy activity taken up by cryptic individuals working against the policies of Apple.

However, most iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users have considered getting their devices Jailbroken in order to install unapproved, third-party apps. Jailbreaking is also done in order to free your iPhone from strangulating data plans and inability to move to a different carrier. Jay Freeman, who runs the world’s largest jailbreak app store Cydia, revealed that there are more than 10 million jailbroken devices around the world, which constitutes almost 10% of all iPhones.

Users of Jailbroken devices, and those who Jailbreak will now have their own official conference called ‘MyGreatFest’, which is the first of its kind in the world. Though Apple has always frowned upon Jailbreaking for many reasons that could be justified, the company itself has begun to warm up to the idea of Jailbreaking its devices. Peter Hajas, whose “Mobile Notifier” app served as the inspiration for the new notifications center of iOS 5. The event, MyGreatFest would be held in London on the 17th of September, 2011.

Craig Fox, the organizer of the event assures that if an iPhone 5 comes up before that, the new iPhone would be jailbroken right at the event in London. He also plans to organize similar conferences in San Francisco and other cities of the U.S. in 2012. Hackers, developers, Apple fanboys and industry observers have already bought the tickets and visitors are expected from all over Europe, North America and even India and Singapore.

The event would give users, developers, app creators and hackers a chance to meet each other, discuss and even take part in fun activities like coding grudge match or having ‘lunch’ with their favourite developer. Perhaps this is just one step behind bringing Jailbreaking to the mainstream of geek world. You could expect everything that a traditional conference would usually have like Q&A sessions, giveaways, vendor booths and even discussions about Jailbreaking-specific issues like DRM (digital rights management) and technical piracy.

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