WordPress to Support Open Authentication Protocol from Today

Right from the outset, web entrepreneurs, content writers and site admins knew that WordPress was not ‘just another blog software’ similar to the company’s punch line.

In fact, most entrepreneurs heavily rely upon WordPress for all sorts of publishing, content management and even host websites. It would be redundant to explain the benefits and features of WordPress, and why it is more than a mere Web-based blogging software service. Automattic‘s Justin Shreve revealed on the official WordPress blog that his employer plans to turn WordPress.cominto a platform than just a blogging service.

The company has now enabled support for authentication protocol OAuth 2 and a brand new developer portal is being debuted as well. Right from today, WordPress.com would support OAuth 2, which makes third party apps connect to WordPress blogs easily with the help of a secure API authorization.

If you are a developer, this means that you would be able to configure your apps and access a WordPress blog without having to enter personal details like passwords, or usernames. The only app that is using the OAuth 2 client at the moment is Memolane, but this is expected to change very soon. Moreover, OAuth2 client access would be given on a limited basis on new developer portals. The portal contains documents and resources which would help app developers to build new applications using WordPress technologies. More tools and resources would be added to the portal as the developer ecosystem grows, according to Automattic.

This might not mean a lot to many people, but those who heavily depend on WordPress for their content management, and publishing could rest in peace that their favourite blogging software would no more be a mere blogging service, but would turn into a web based platform for developers who make third party applications for websites, blogs and magazines. You may also want to read about the WordPress App for HP TouchPad.