Rise From Your Grave! Neo Geo Is Back With A New Portable

It’s not your glasses that need adjusting, I assure you. SNK is bringing back a portable version of their Neo Geo line, and for added value, are packing with it 20 classic Neo Geo games. SNK Neo Geo Portable Image 1 Holy, back from the murky depths of oblivion, Batman! Long after they exited from the gaming hardware scene almost a decade ago, SNK, makers of such fine arcade hallmarks as The King of Fighters and Metal Slug series, are reportedly getting back into the portable arms race with a sleek new device that includes 20 classic Neo Geo games. No, no — you’re not the first one to think it looks a tad… umm… “iPhone 4-ish.” The case-mold to this beaut, with it’s rounded steel corners and black front-and-back coloring, looks oddly similar to the popular Apple device. Though that’s where the comparisons end, as the “Neo Geo Portable Device” (temporary name) struts a bigger 4.3 inch screen, which I’m dead sure isn’t of the “Retina” variety, an analog-stick like d-pad, four face buttons, and four shoulder buttons. SNK Neo Geo Portable Image 2 SNK Neo Geo Portable Image 3 It also packs two gigs of internal storage, a SD card slot to expand said memory (on the right side of the device near the power button), and finally, an AV plug to potentially play your games on the big screen. Which reminds me, here’s the full list of Neo Geo hits that are reportedly said to be preloaded with the “Neo Geo Portable Device”; you’ve probably already played these games in some emulated fashion before, but it’s a cool gesture that they come with the handheld already. 1. WORLD HEROES 2. ULTIMATE 11 3. TOP PLAYER’S GOLF 4. SENGOKU 5. NAM-1975 6. MUTATION NATION 7. LAST RESORT 8. KING OF MONSTERS 9. FRENZY 10. CYBER LIP 11. FATAL FURY SPECIAL 12. ART OF FIGHTING 13. SUPER SIDEKICKS 14. LEAGUE BOWLING 15. METAL SLUG 16. MAGICIAN LORD 17. BASEBALL STARS PROFESSIONAL 18. SAMURAI SHODOWN 19. KING OF FIGHTERS ’94 20. FATAL FURY While not having a retail date, retail price, or heck, the name of the manufacturer, definitely all red lights which make the “Neo Geo Portable Device” seem too good to be true, Famicom Plaza, the website which broke the news of the device, insists that it’s a real licensed product by SNK, but one that hasn’t yet hit production. I guess we’ll take their word for now, and swoon over these awesome photos till further word of details. SNK Neo Geo Portable Image 4 SNK Neo Geo Portable Image 5 Will 2013 see the debut of the Xbox 720, a machine that’s reportedly six times as powerful than the Xbox 360? And My Little Ponies in the vast dragon-filled land of Skyrim? Those questions, answered and more, here on Walyou.