Guitar and Ukulele Made Entirely from Matchsticks

I knew that it was no east feat to be able to make a guitar from scratch, but how about making the whole thing out of old matchsticks?

matchstick guitar

Guitar making is a fine art. You can feel the difference when you start plucking away at an instrument that’s been hand-made by a master craftsman. However, it makes me wonder what playing an instrument made entirely from matchsticks would be like. Our source, seems to be asking the same questions.

matchstick instruments

I can only imagine how long it must have taken to painstakingly craft both a guitar and a ukulele entirely out of matchsticks. The incredible thing is that the craftsman bothered to string them both, and keep them in cases, which leads me to believe that these are genuine instruments and not just fun little conversation pieces.

matchstick ukulele

As you can see from the picture below, it looks like one heck of a lot of matches went into making these instruments, and the process most likely took longer to do than anything else on the face of the planet. Chopping away at tiny little matches for hours on end sounds more like a fierce test of endurance than anything else. I suppose your patience would really be put to the test in the process, though maybe there’s something really zen about the whole thing.

matches into instruments

One thing’s for sure, don’t play one of these instruments round the fireplace or the campfire! Looking in to see that the sulfer heads are still on the matches, I think I’d be pretty nervous about laying my hands on a potential firebomb! Though, fortune favors the bold; maybe you’ll end up impressive a few of the ladies with your mad campfire rock skills. Time to bust out some Pink Floyd.

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