NES Breathalyzer Game

Now blowing into your old NES cartridge will not only miraculously get the game to work, but can now also test your blood alcohol content.

NES Breathalyzer

The NES breathalyzer is an actual game. It’s and NES cartridge stuffed with a breathalyzer and synced to a home made NES game. All you have to do is blow into the cartridge like you normally would when the game stops working. The screen then pops up and tells you how much you’ve had to drink with various screens like Buzzed Bee or Party Kitten. The code is created by Batsly Adams, music by chiptune artist Kris Keyser and art by Motherboard photographer Emi Spice. The breathalyzer was bought from a normal hardware store and then attached to a hacked controller to attach it to the NES like a normal joystick.

While the idea is a lot of fun and we love the whole idea of blowing into the cartridge, it’s only useful at home where you already have the NES setup. After all, you’re not going to be lugging around the whole system to other people’s homes or to bars to check out your BAC. While maybe not practical, it’s definitely a great party game. Also probably the easiest game to play and compete for highest score when drunk.

This might be fun just for the novelty and appeal to those who remember the old NES trick of blowing into the cartridge to get the game to work, but it might get old after awhile. Plus, what happens if the game stops working, does the same trick still apply? Also, unless your friends have an NES and the same setup, the breathalyzer isn’t really useful since you don’t really need to know your BAC in the comfort of your own home. Regardless, this would be a great way to get that one really drunk friend to stop drinking and go home, “Hey the game said you’re too drunk” is a great excuse. You can see two videos of the game below.

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Via: Geekologie