NES Castlevania Map Created by Bill Mudron

A custom-made Castlevania map that is hauntingly good.

Castlevania map by Bill Mudron image 1

Thank goodness for talented freelance artists such as Bill Mudron, for without them our most imaginable of nerdy desires would go unanswered, say for example a fantastic hand-drawn map of the original Castlevania’s gothic setting.

Previously, you might have have seen Mudron’s excellent recreations of the both the Mushroom & Hyrule Kingdoms, and just like them this map is also jam-packed with tons of cheeky references – sub-weapons and all – from one of Konami’s popular action titles.

Castlevania map by Bill Mudron image 2

So much of which, that Mudron split his map in two: the top half illustrating the dark countryside of Transylvania as depicted by Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest and Castlvania III, and the other half showing the not-so-welcoming interior of Dracula’s castle.

If you look closely friends, you should instantly recognize Dracula’s residency as matching the in-game level layout to Castlevania on the NES, picturing such hallowed stages as the castle’s graveyard entrance, the clock tower, and lastly Count Dracula’s lair.

I’ll never understand how Dracula’s throne room is just suspended by a single attaching pillar – against all architecting logic – but I guess that’s what honestly gives Castlevania that unforgettable imagery that so many of us love.

Castlevania map by Bill Mudron image 3

And for the reasonable price of $45.00 USD, this amazing piece (size 24 X 36 inches and printed on premium matte stock) can be yours to frame on a wall. I totally suggest a dinning room hall or above a fireplace mantle — oh, that would be quite awesome.

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