New Playstation 3 Is On The Horizon

While there has been a ton of buzz about the newest Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft consoles there has also been plenty of buzz about what the Sony Playstation 3 still brings to the table

The PS3 might be the best gaming console on the market, what with its full, built in browser and ability to watch Netflix as well as play games and blu-ray movies.  The announcement that a new workout program called Adidas miCoach was headed to the console was a boon as well.  While Sony has tweaked the PS3 before, most recently they have made a much more heavy duty casing that can even withstand being shot at or having explosions occur nearby.

Of course those types of changes are overshadowed when Sony is actually getting set to release a brand new version of the PS3 that will offer just enough to make more people want to purchase them, rather than wait for the Playstation 4.  The Playstation 3, codenamed the CECH-3000 will make just a few tweaks to the processing power and speed of the PS3, as well as the memory the console can hold.  The CECH-3000B has 320 GB of memory, enough to keep game saves from literally hundreds of games, or dozens of movies that can be downloaded from the Playstation Live network.  Additionally, Sony has reportedly made this particular PS3 a little better when it comes to energy consumption, sucking up 200W compared to 230W in previous versions.

Sony has also apparently made the CECH-3000B a little more lightweight, tipping the scale 2.6 KG compared to the previous 3.0KG.  There are also supposedly a few external changes to the way the PS3 will look, though it does not appear these will be changes so great that the average gamer will be able to tell the difference.   Best news of all for those who are still considering a PS3 and haven’t taken the plunge just yet is that these new models will not see an increase in price.  The downside is that apparently Sony is going to wait until the stock of the current PS3’s run out and as of now there is not estimation of when that might be.