Ghostbuster Ghost Trap, Papercraft Style

Halloween might still be months away but there is no harm in making preparations for the same in advance. After all if you want to be at your best, it is best to plan way ahead. That also gives you time to make minor alterations. This time around when you are deciding on your costume make one more addition to your plans. It would be great to accommodate a ghost trap in the ensemble.

Your ghost trap could be similar to the one used in the 1984 blockbuster Ghostbuster. Considered to be one of the greatest comedies of its times Ghostbuster revolved around a group of men who had set out to capture all the ghosts of New York City. The main equipment they used consisted of a machine that was capable of capturing ghosts. Owing to their expert working methods they excelled in capturing numerous ghosts, thereby helping the city get rid of evil spirits.

The very same ghost trap has been replicated by Matthew Milam, or Matt Milam as he calls himself. Multitalented Matt is currently working as a technical writer and trainer but does find time for his hobbies. To give shape to his version of the ghost trap, he has used paper with amazing results. The pictures posted by him do not in the least give you a clue that it is some kind of paper work. It is only because he has mentioned it as paper work that you get to know.

The ghost trap replica is very close to the one seen in the great comedy of the 1980s. Being a child of the 1980s he could not stop himself from reliving his childhood memories. The firm cardboard that he has used for the project gives it a very solid effect. The strong colors add on to the solid looks. The various small knobs are shaped with great care giving them a very clean and perfect look.  As of now it is a plain structure of the trap but Matt has kept the option of giving an electronic edge to it. The metal switch and light are ready with him which he can install into the structure any time.

Matt admits that it was one of the very easy projects to accomplish since he did get access to quite a few blue prints and build plans. But getting access to a plan is only half the job. The perfection with which he has executed the plan is highly commendable.

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