Nikon DSLR Camera Costume Takes Real Photos

Quirky costumes can be mildly amusing, but when you go as a giant banana or a cardboard robot, the novelty wears off quickly. However, this camera costume adds another level of interest by actually being a fully functional camera. Photographer Tyler Card decided to make his Halloween costume a bit closer to home, modeling it after his Nikon DSLR camera. The costume itself looks pretty neat and much like the sort of novelty costume you’d find at a store, but as mentioned, it’s much more than that.

Working Nikon Camera Costume

The camera body itself is made up of cardboard, but done skillfully enough so that the camera design is quite true to form, even including a raised, on-board flash. For the lens, a plastic 5-gallon barrel is used, and then the detail is added to the whole thing so it really resembles a camera, complete with writing on the length of the lens. However, housed within the camera body isn’t just the guy wearing the costume. He’s also placed his actual Nikon DSLR camera within, hooked up to the costume so that it can actually take photographs.

Pressing the shutter release on the costume will activate the shutter release on the real camera, triggering the flash as well (which is presumably housed up in the large flash of the costume). That alone is pretty awesome, but the best part is that he also took apart a laptop, using the LCD display as the display on the back of the costume. No doubt something like this would be a big hit at parties. Not only would you be easily able to photograph your friends while showing off the amazing costume, they’d even get to see the finished photos displayed right there on your back! For some other creative and unconventional costume ideas, check out this Hello Kitty Ghostbusters Costume or perhaps show off a Working Iron Man Repulsor Ray.