Sociopoly: Social Media Sites Turn Into a Monopoly Board

With Social Media almost rubbing shoulders against mainstream media, there has been a lot speculation about its importance for businesses, as a platform and for what it’s worth in itself.

Social Media has quickly revolutionized the way we interact with each other, and also the way we conduct businesses. What irks most people is that there is no uniformity or an authoritative voice which can tell people what social media and what it is not. Instead, we have a number of social networking leaders like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and even WordPress. These websites have helped several businesses to flourish, and to improve their products and services. With that in mind, Widhadh has unveiled a Monopoly-inspired infographic that shows the importance and worth of various social media and networking sites. The websites’ worth comes from their market share stats which were based on the reports borrowed from

When you look at the infographic, what surprises you is that with all its big numbers of 700 million users, Facebook has only 2 squares to boast of. MySpace, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have 3 boxes each. While I can certainly agree about the popularity of Twitter, WordPress and youTube, I am intrigued by the infographic’s attention to MySpace, which gets only 5% of the total social media traffic. With that brushed aside, the ‘Sociopoly’ looks like a fun game to play, if it is ever designed to act as a board game similar to monopoly. There is the inclusion of Klout in a corner, which measures your social media influence. At the other end of the board, there is a box which is named ‘Middle of nowhere’.

People who are not well versed with the way social media works may end up going to that particular box. Also, people who stick to older sites and those who refuse to adapt to the ever changing social media scene may end up in the middle of nowhere as well. There are separate boxes for VC’s card, angel investors, iOS 5 and other aspects of social media. it may not be difficult to create an actual board game called Sociopoly, and when that happens it surely would be quite interesting to play. You could take a look at the Reddit Invasion Infographic, which captures the growth and popularity of the popular news reading site. You could also take a look at the Long-distance Relationship Inforgraphic, which is pretty cool as well.