Ghostbusters Hello Kitty Costume Sighted at New York Comic Con Event

The world’s most famous Japanese bobtail cat has to be Hello Kitty, and is known to have a cult following among many geeky adults in spite her target audience originally being pre-adolescent girls.

The pinked up character adorns several high end gadgets, purses and even arts and crafts designed by fans. One such fan has given a Hello Kitty touch to Ghostbusters’ Proton Pack. The original Ghostbusters are known for their diligence, and their supreme weapon ‘Proton Pack’.

The fictional energy weapons are used to make ghosts weak and make capturing them an easy task. While Hello Kitty and the Proton pack have very little in common, both of them have their own cult following and certainly a few of the fanboys and fangirls would be fans of both Ghostbusters and Hello Kitty. At the New York Comic Con event, many fans displayed the fruits of their toil, and one such display was the Ghostbusters’ Hello Kitty Proton Pack. It is not clear what Dr. Egon Spengler would have thought about his beloved Proton pack going all pink, but that did not stop the fan from going ahead and creating this cute costume which appeals to both Hello Kitty and Ghostbusters fans.

At about 45 pounds, the costume can add considerable bulk to the wearer, and may be difficult to walk around when someone’s wearing it. It took the fanboy almost 6 months to build the costume and the results are surprisingly cool. The costume also lights up and needs to be calibrated every other time in order to make sure it is running in optimal condition. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Hello Kitty Watchmen Characters and the Hello Kitty Dalek Art, which are equally cool as well. I am sure every Hello Kitty fan would now begin to take a deeper interest in Ghostbusters and probably begin to like that part of the geek world as well.