Zombie Gameboy Wants Your Brain!

Back in the early 90’s, moms used to say videogames had negative effects on our brains… this gives the idea a whole new twist. This time around, the videogame console actually longs for your brains, like any good zombie: it will actually try to eat it.

Zombie Gameboy 1

We have to admit it… as great as Kodykoala’s creation is, it pains us a bit to see a Gameboy that had it that rough. Oh well, becoming art is better than becoming garbage, right? Analyzing this creation, it’s hilarious to see the arms made of wires/cable and the wasted screen displaying an actual 8-bit zombie face.

Zombie Gameboy 2

You probably won’t be able to play Metroid 2 or Pokemon Red on this bad boy, but that’s beside the point. Seeing him ready to munch on that board (the electronic equivalent of a brain anyways) is both adorable and fitting. Also, the scratches present all over add an extra layer of roughness, making it look like it really came from below the earth: George Romero, this one’s for you.

Zombie Gameboy 3

The battery bay has lost its lid in the zombie transition, but hey, now it has legs. We think it’s actually more fit for survival this way. Actually, the one worried about survival should be the gamers. Run for your lives!

This is not the only creation KodyKoala has done (people who liked this should check his junkbot, made out of a hard drive), but it hit all of the right spots, combining the zombie theme just in time for Halloween, and adding such a geeky and retro component as using the beloved Gameboy as the basis for his project, one of the most beloved consoles of all time. If you need more zombies and videogames to quench your thirst, you might want to check the Top 8 Video-Games for Halloween and 25 Amazing Plants Vs. Zombies Cakes.