Nintendo everything: cellphone games & new consoles

After a few years of red numbers, Nintendo has given up and announced they will develop smartphone games along with their usual offerings. Also, they claim to be working on a new console coming out next year.

Nintendo Logo 1

Nintendo gives up after years of fighting the system: following 3 consecutive years of red numbers, president Satoru Iwata saw some changes had to be made. After cutting his salary in half after hearing the complaints about their current direction, they announced the purchase of Japanese giant DeNA, with whom they will work to create a series of smartphone games. According to Iwata’s declarations, these are all new experiences and games and not just ports from previous experiences, that can already be played in other consoles.

Satoru Iwata

Yet that’s not all. The big N is doing something else besides joining the mobile market: they announced they are working on a new system, as of now codenamed Nintendo NX. The rumor mill claims this is a next gen console, but we will probably hear nothing more of it until this year’s E3.

These announcements have all gotten a favorable reception, so Nintendo’s stock shot up and climbed an impressive 4,46 in the stock market, a 31% increase. What a way to start the year, right? Are you looking forward to playing Zelda or Mario in your Android and iPhone?

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