New Wave Of Nintendo’s Amiibos Headed To North America

The next two months will see a fresh collectable batch of Nintendo’s tap-and-interact figures coming to the states.

Smash Wii U Amiibo image

Prepare your wallets for a new installment of Amiibo figures, which are coming their way to North American retailers on in the next two months.

Already a huge success, with particular figures being immensely popular and already quite hard to find, Nintendo is furthering their latest toy-making efforts by pushing out a new third-wave wave of their Super Smash Bros. line of Amiibos that are coming in February.

They’re also introducing a new line of Amiibos based Super Mario Bros. series, which debut March 20.

Super Mario Bros. Amiibo image

The Super Mario Bros. Amiibo line includes the the first-ever Toad Aiimbo, who can be used in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the Nintendo Wii U to unlock a special pixel Toad character for players to find.

All figures, of course, will bring their own effect for certain titles: In the upcoming Mario Party 10 for Wii U (also available on March 20), players can use either the Super Smash Bros. line or the newly announced Super Mario Bros. line of aiimbos to bring that character into the game in Aiimbo Mode and activate a special character-themed board.

Source: Kotaku

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