Nintendo Fans Create Customized Amiibo Figures

The first batch of Nintendo’s figures have inspired a range of awesome personalized creations.

Metal Mario Amiibo image

Dreweyes (Metal Mario)

I’m sure in the near future Nintendo will roll out a diverse roster of Amiibo figures that would delight any collector, but in the meanwhile handy dandy do-it-yourself-ers have taking upon themselves to invent as many unique figures from within the Nintendo universe.

Project Upgrade (Light Suit Samus)

Light Suit Samus Amiibo image

cbd31963 (Blue Yoshi)

Blue Yoshi Amiibo image

Yes taking a page out of “doing what Nintendon’t”, fans have been either repainting several figures – such as the “Metal Mario”, “Light Suit” Samus, Dark Link, and blue-colored Yoshi examples you see here – or make-shifting and inserting items to transform the friendly Villager of Animal Crossing into his not-so-friendly-super-creepy form.

chibisilverwings (Dark Link and Villager)

Dark Link Amiibo imageAnimal Crossing Villager Amiibo image

Hmm, I’m not so sure if that last one will ever make it to the product line, but as for creativity? It’s absolutely great. I’m sure we will see more custom Amiibos as the time goes on. With a little ingenuity, a glue gun, and paint, the number of different custom Amiibos could be endless.

Source: Tiny Cartridge

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