Nokia Dumps Android Plans, Rumoredly Focuses on Wearable Tech

What if Microsoft bought Nokia specifically to have an in-house mobile tech expert that could one day design and manufacture its wearable devices?

Even though a few days ago the Finnish company was supposedly confirming its plans for an Android handset, now that version of the future is discarded, to leave room for a possible line of wearable things, and why not, even a smartwatch. The Android smartphone that wasn’t meant to be even got a name, Normandy. People said that it would be a mid-range product, both in terms of price and specs. More than that, some even said that there are chances of Nokia making an Android tablet. Under Microsoft’s roof, however, such a move is definitely improbable. Nokia CTO, the office that isn’t part of the deal, was the one preparing the Android prototypes, but the clause that prevents Nokia from selling phones for two years might be the reason why the Finnish company made a change in its strategies.

It is more likely for Nokia to make a smartwatch. Even though I do believe that Nokia and Microsoft have the potential and the resources for making smart glasses, I really doubt that the two companies, now one, would go this way. Smart watches are easier to create and can suffer dramatic design changes, thus enabling Nokia and Microsoft to increase their originality factor.

As far as we know, Nokia is working on a wearable device like no other. According to its patent application from October, a multi-display smartwatch concept might be in the works. Back then, the multi-segment wearable accessory named Facet made quite a few people curious. A modular design (by the way, modular devices seem to be the future, if we are to believe Motorola, who is planning to manufacture a modular smartphone) would certainly help Nokia differentiate from the likes of Samsung, Sony, Pebble and others.

Also a couple of days ago, VR tech manufacturer Vuzix unveiled a pair of smartglasses featuring Nokia’s holograph AR system, so while Microsoft and its own Nokia might not be interested in making smart glasses any time soon, the CTO office of this company is free to pursue its R&D dreams. What would you say about an Android-running smartwatch or smart glasses made by Nokia?

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