GTA V Getting The Vice City Artistic Treatment

GTA games usually get a spin-off or expansion treatment. While GTA V, the most successful video game in history, is still waiting for his little brother, artist Gerrel Saunders hasn’t really waited for Rockstar to come out with one.

How? Well he gave the main characters Michael, Trevor and Frankling the Vice City treatment. What does that man? Made them look like people in South Beach during the 1980’s.

Michael Franklin Trevor

The excuse? The guys driving down to Florida in order to lay low, but however, as always, trouble follows them and finds them, so they’re forced to spring back into action.

It’s actually been quite a while since one of the Canon games visited the fictional “Vice City” which is a depiction of Miami. We’ve been to San Andreas and speficially Los Santos twice in nine years, so maybe visiting South Beach in GTA VI is what Rockstar have next up their sleeve.



Via: Gerrel Saunders

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