Nokia clarify: they are not releasing any new smartphones

Despite previous rumors, the company have clarified they are not producing any new smartphones, and that they have effectively exited the phone business.

Nokia 1

After teasing last week that the company might be ready to jump back into the smartphone business running Android models this time, the truth has come to light: no matter what we the media said, Nokia claims it is not going to happen. Whether we exaggerated or if they changed their minds, the jury is still out, but the result is the same: no new Nokia smartphones are coming to the market.

The company announced on their web page they are not going to make nor sell any phone devices – at least, not in the immediate future. Nokia has since 2013 stopped the production of smartphones since being bought by Microsoft, but a series of rumors with alleged specs and data had emerged last week, and speculation was through the roof. Yet, as we said in the previous stories, there is an agreement between the two companies that lasts until 2016. This agreement specifically asks Nokia to refrain from creating any mobile devices – will we see a resurgence once 2016 rolls around?

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