A Robot Band that take “Metal Music” to a Whole New Level

If you are trying to start your own rock band but can’t find musicians that can play your style of music, why not build your own. Compressorhead shows that you don’t have to be human to really know how to rock out!

When I was younger, my father would always tell me stories about the World’s Fair and how he would see such “crazy” things as phones that could show videos of the person talking or computers that you could actually carry with you. Of course, with the advent of Skype and laptops, these dreams from the middle of the twentieth century actually came true. But what about the dreams from later on? Sure, smartphones are now a reality, along with tablet computers and that new hair straighter that gets my hair just the way I want it, but did you ever think about a rock band made of robots?

Insert all the “metal” band jokes you like, the truth is that Compressorhead, a band made completely out of robots, could probably kick your butt at a game of Guitar Hero.

With robots currently replacing humans in a number of jobs, including manufacturing, do you think it would be about time that they would take over for people in a rock band? Check them rocking out below!

What are the good things about an all-robot rock band? Well, they can’t disagree with new music you want to try out, and if they suck, instead of getting rid of them, you just have to tweak a few wires, nuts and bolts. For any stage performer, this could be great. No fights about what songs to play, all of the singer’s songs would get approved, and best of all, you do not have to pay them a penny.

I think if I were to show this to my dad, he’d go on and on about how robots are taking over. Then I’d make some snarky Terminator joke that I don’t think he’d understand. Oh well.

Rock on Compressorband, rock on. I will head bang in your honor.

(Via: Geekologie)

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