Google Does It Again! Geeky Lord of the Rings Easter Egg in Google Maps

We know the guys at Google are great at coming up with easter eggs, and geeky material, but here’s one that might have eluded you, in Google Maps.

Remember the classic scene where Boromir AKA Ned Stark AKA Sean “I die in every movie I’m in” Bean tells the elf council that “one does not simply walk into Mordor”? Google happens to agree with the man.

Google Maps LOTR easter egg

To see this easter egg, all one has to do is go to Google Maps, then click on “Get Directions” and pick “walking”. Then, input “the shire” as the starting location, and Mordor as the destination. Google will then warn you with the ominous “Use caution – one does not simply walk into Mordor”. Well, we’re sorry, Google, but the Eagles were busy and can’t take us there, you know?!

Via: Chris Hardwick

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