Odd Reborn Doll Collection

We all collect things at some point, but some of us seem to have a stronger affinity for wackier items. Marylin Mansfield has an impressive collection of both realistic and creepy dolls that she treats like real babies.

There are many doll collectors out there, but most of them focus on Barbie dolls or action figures. In the case of Marylin Mansfield, not only the number of dolls that comprise the collection is spectacular, but also the variety. These come in various shapes and sizes, not to mention that they are part of different categories.

The collection of this plus-size model involves more than just Barbie dolls. Besides these, the 500-strong assembly also includes reborn dolls, which are also known as living or unliving dolls, in case the first name was not creepy enough. In addition, there are also numerous Krypt Kiddies, which are hair-rising, to say the least.

However, the most peculiar fact is that Marilyn treats all of these dolls as if they were real babies. As she stated, ”I take them anywhere you would bring a real baby. I don’t do it for the shock value. I do it for myself because it makes me happy. I just loved when my kids were babies — and these babies stay babies forever. I buy them clothes. They never grow out of them and they never get dirty.”

In the following video, Marylin Mansfield admits that even though Barbie dolls represent a great part of her collection, baby dolls are her favorites. An additional proof that the model cares very much about her collection is that each and every one of the dolls has a name. Given the great number of dolls and the fact that some of them have two or three names, it is pretty impressive that the collector remembers all of them.

Another impressive fact is that the model has a doll of herself. As she mentioned in the video, this was a birthday gift from her husband. When it comes to buying gifts for someone, it is always easier if that person is a collector, as adding new items to his or her collection is undoubtedly a very welcomed thing.

Do you happen to be a collector of odd things? If so, share your story with us!

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