Man At Arms Recreate Legend of Zelda’s Master Sword

Watch how the metal-shappers at Man at Arms forge one of the most well-known videogame swords. And then use it cut everyday stuff.

Man at Arms Master Sword image

If you ever wanted to know how a Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda is forged, well, I certainly wouldn’t bother Nintendo for the answer. Please, they can’t even give a straight answer when it comes to explaining where each game falls in the series timeline.

Nope, you’re better off letting the latest Man at Arms video explain the process of forging an actual blade of evil’s bane from blacksmith Tony Swatton, as he and his talented crew typically do in fine regards to some of the most iconic weaponry in all of geekdom.

Watch how the creation of the Master Sword is done without the need of goddesses, mythical spirits, or scared flames and what not, but with pure 100% metalworking skill that results in something pretty damn close to the in-game thing.

Too bad there’s just no kingdoms or princesses to be saved from the dark grips of a wretched warlock in this day and age, although, there are plenty of watermelons to be cut. I bet some Master Sword cut watermelon would be an excellent summer treat. Mmm…


If there’s anything to be *finger quotes* “learned” from these videos, is that making swords or any other similarly fashioned weapons takes a whole heck-of-a-lot of work. Also a rad-looking beard, which sadly I’ll never be able to muster thanks to my puny stature.

Alas, my slot in life is to bring you the latest in geeky news just like my fellow cohorts here on, such as weird sushi cats from Japanese television ads and spiffy gadgets like a trio of Andriod-powered smartwatches.