Timex Health Touch Watch [Hands-On Review]

Timex is a leading Watch company with many various models, capabilities and offers, but how do you find the right watch for you? Well, if you are an extremist, then most likely you know exactly what it is that you need, want and what to look for … but if you want something affordable, simpler which still maintains the wanted practicality, then the Timex Health Touch Watch is a great model to check out.

The Timex Health Touch Watch is a lightweight, comfortable and handy watch for daily exercise routines. While it maintains the regular watch capabilities of time, date, alarms and such, the added health features make it of great use for beginners fitness enthusiasts and more.

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When we tried out the Health Touch, we noticed immediately how self explanatory it was. While still inside the box, it invites you to immediately take your Heart Rate, which is simple as touching a left finger to the back of the watch, and one from the right hand on the Metal ring around the face. Holding both in place for 3-5 seconds will provide you a clear heart rate without the need for a chest strap. Of course, this is even easier to do while actually exercising, for you only need the second finger touch, since the back of the watch is already in contact with your wrist.

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The Timex Health Touch HRM Watch comes in mid-size and full-size. We reviewed the latter. Still, it was a comfortable watch that was not bulky as you would expect. The strap was thin, rather skinny, and held the watch snug. Moreover, with its light weight, it did not bother us while exercising on a Treadmill, Elliptical and running outdoors. Even after a hefty amount of huffing, puffing and sweating, the watch was not itching, sticking or a burden.

Set up from the beginning was a snap, following the miniature booklet provided. We added a personal age, gender, target heart rate window and alarm when it is outside of that window, which all together took a minute at most (maybe two). Actually using it to read the details was also a given, for each mode section tells you exactly what you are looking at.

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Actually running and checking our heart rate was simple and beneficial, as to see exactly where we stand according to our optimal fitness necessities. Moreover, there was also the HR alarm, so if you were outside of your target (and desired) window, it lets you know if you are above or below. While within exercise, it gives you a better indication whether you are maintaining the regime you were interested when you first strapped on your shoes and watch; helping you stick to your goals in a clear and simple way.

The Health Touch also has an activity monitor to keep track of the calories burned during your activity. For many, this is an added bonus that comes in handy as to keep an eye on reaching your goals.

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All in all, the Timex Health Touch Watch is a great HRM watch that is extremely useful. It is simple to use, comfort to wear, and practical for those in need. Best yet, it is affordable, retailing for only $60.

Check out the Timex Health Touch Watch product page for all the specs, features, galleries and more.

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Timex Health Touch Watch Features:

  • Accurate Heart Rate Data
  • No Chest Strap Required
  • Easy Setup and Use
  • Tracks Calories Burned
  • Target Zone with Alert
  • Stopwatch and Countdown Timer
  • Daily Alarm
  • 50-Meter Water Resistance
  • INDIGLO┬« Night-Light