Would You Be My Friend? Portal Turret Creation

Innovative designer and creator Ryan Palser (known online as CitizenSnips) is at it again making another one of his great video game inspired prop recreations. This time it features a large recreation from a game that is slowly taking over the world: Portal 2.

GLaDOS would be quite proud that something she is a part of is taking the world in such storm, as Portal 2 is certainly well on the way to receive a Game of the Year nomination. Creator Ryan Palser has recreated one of the infamous Portal Turrets from the first Portal (Version 1.0 as he dubs it), and if you’ve ever seen his other creations, such as the A3-21 Plasma Rifle or the AER9 Laser Rifle from Fallout 3, than you know that his works are truly a piece of art.

The build seems to have taken an incredible amount of time, spanning many months and quite a lot of effort. The entire Turret, standing a striking 38-inches tall, was made completely from scratch, with custom electronics and custom molding all from scratch. Aside from the sound effects, which feature 17 classic Portal Turret sound effects and even the option to play the theme song of the game, this project was certainly a big challenge that required a big commitment.

The Turret was originally sculpted using some Styrofoam which was molded into the basic form. After a lot of rough sculpting, the project slowly came together after months of work. As seen in the second image above (the eye of the Turret), the amount of detail in the project is absolutely amazing. It’s almost hard to believe that this was all made from scratch.

Seen above is the final painting of the turrets of the Turret, as well as the finished product. I was extremely surprised of the actual size of the Turret, as actually seeing how tall it is (below) is pretty impressive when put into perspective. This project is simply awesome, and the added laser (below) that was put into the Turret just makes it exceptional.

To see all of the pictures (in much larger dimensions) from the project, click here and also check out the rest of Palser’s  projects on his Flickr page or his personal blog.

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Via: Technabob