Oral-B Smartphone-Connected Toothbrush Is Coming Out in June

While electric toothbrushes have been around for quite a while, dental hygiene devices that connect to apps on smartphones were unheard of until Oral-B announced the world’s first Bluetooth toothbrush.

Ever wanted to receive tips on how to brush your teeth better? The innovative toothbrush that Procter & Gamble created for its Oral-B brand connects via Bluetooth to smartphones running its companion app, in order to bring the Quantified Self even further. Mind you, this smart device does not replace your dentist, it merely makes sure you follow his advice by allowing him to program the app. This way, you will know which areas need more attention.

Michael Cohen-Dumani, global associate director for Oral-B, stated in an interview with Reuters that “Dentists always tell us: ‘People do a great job in the week before they come to visit us and in the week after they visit us. But nothing can hide the fact that when we look inside the mouth we can see all the areas they miss.'” In other words, the Oral-B smart tootbrush takes permanent care of your teeth, by pointing out which areas need additional brushing or if you brush too hard, fact that ultimately can damage your gums.

As Cohen-Dumani explained, the smartphone-connected tootbrush made by Oral-B “will guide you in terms of how to brush, and you will be able to fully personalize the brushing routine for you.” Probably the best thing about this device is that it offers instant feedback, which could made visits to the dentist’s office less frequent.

If you obsess about every detail related to your body, there are plenty of things you could do after taking care of your teeth with the Oral-B smart toothbrush. You could eat using a smart fork that prevents you from overeating. It’s probably not the best idea to do physical activities after eating, but if you’re in the mood for the white sport, you could pick up a Babolat Play smartphone-connected tennis racket or Sony’s smart tennis sensor, which also connects to an app to display your stats. Do you see where we’re heading? Soon enough, all the the products that we use will be connected either to the Internet or to our smartphones. Frankly, I think that’s not a bad idea at all, since we could improve our performance in so many ways by seeing what we did wrong.

Oral-B will unveil its smart toothbrush at MWC in Barcelona next week, and the product is expected to be available in June for $330.

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