PetChatz Treat Dispenser Emits Smells, Lets You Chat with Pets Remotely

Pets often crave human touch when they’re home alone, so getting a gadget that feeds them, emits familiar smells, and allows them to see you and hear your voice might make them feel better.

PetChatz is a camera developed particularly for pet owners who spend a lot of time away from home. Leaving your pooch home alone while you’re on vacation, as the manufacturer suggests, would actually be an unforgivable crime, but for the ones who are away at work all day long and have no one else to leave their pet with, PetChatz might prove to be the ideal solution. There’s no doubt that the pet misses you every second of your absence, and if you happen to share this feeling, all you need to do after installing this gadget is fire up a browser on a smartphone/tablet/computer and interact with the pooch.

Installing PetChatz is really easy as a breeze. Plug it in an electrical wallet and secure it with screws into a wall stud. Place PetChatz Treatz inside it and let your dog get familiar with it. The pet surveillance camera/treat dispenser combo even has a special ringtone that lets the dog know that you want to talk to him.

On top of that, you can equip the device with PetChatz Scentz pads with your pup’s favorite odors. Imagine the joy of owning a hunting dog and putting the scent of hare, fox, duck or whatever he likes to hunt in PetChatz. On a second thought, I don’t think that’s really possible, even though it would be a bad idea. Supposing that the manufacturer sees this, it should put it on the to-do list for the next version.

One of the best features of PetChatz is the ability to record videos of your pet while you’re away. This will give you the opportunity of owning a unique collection of videos of your dog chewing cables, shoes, furniture, and anything else he might fancy. That’s pretty great, huh?

The entire list of features and benefits is available on the PetChatz website. Pre-orders are open and getting this treat dispenser will set you back $349. Besides that, you will spend money periodically on Treatz ($9.99 a pack) and on Scentz ($12.99 a pack). Various accessories such as covers and guards for the device are also available, in case you happen to own a violent dog who likes to chew on the PetChatz.

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