Osmo Gaming System for iPad

Osmo is an award-winning game system that was designed for children between five and thirteen years that encourages the creative thinking as well as social interaction since it can be played by the entire family.

You simply slide the iPad onto the Osmo base and put the mirror on the camera after which the rest of the table will become your playing field. The red reflector allows the iPad to read the environment on the table and the Reflective AI technology will translate your actions and movements in real life onto the iPad.

The Osmo comes with five games: Numbers, Tangram, Words, Newton and Masterpiece. In the first one you have to count and multiply the tiles to match the numbers found on the bubbles and you can thus become a master of the numbers. The second game is Tangram where you arrange several puzzle pieces to fit the image on the screen.

Words is to guess and spell images on the screen and you can improve it with additional content such as geography or trivia to make it more challenging. Newton can be played with any object or image and you have to place that item in front of the screen after which you manipulate it to guide falling balls into their target areas.

Masterpiece is the final game and here you can choose any photo, image or painting and the program will transform it into easy to follow lines that will allow you to better reproduce it. Since three of the games can use almost any item or download many of them online, the only two that require physical pieces are Words and Tangram, so you get everything you need for them in the box.

The five games are only the beginning, with new levels being developed constantly, and once new ones are available you will be able to download them from the Osmo website, so the possibilities are quite endless and this is a way to have fun while learning something new or practicing the skills you will need in school.

Another great thing about the Osmo is its mobility since you can easily transport it to your friends’ house or even in places where there is no Wi-Fi connection. The games were designed with children of ages five and up in mind, but once you get to the higher levels you might find it a challenge even as an adult, so you might be surprised to find yourself spending as much time on the Osmo as your children.

The Osmo Gaming System is compatible with iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini, Mini Retina and iPad Air and it was already adopted into many schools in 42 countries throughout the globe due to the interactive way in which it teaches children new things while allowing them to play. The innovative system received great reviews and Time Magazine even named it one of the top inventions of 2014.

The Osmo Gaming System comes in two versions: the Starter Kit, which comes with the four basic games (without Numbers), and the Genius Kit which comes with the five games as well as the two sets of number tiles and dots tiles needed for Numbers. These tiles are optional and you can still download the Numbers game with the Starter Kit. The Starter Kit costs $79 while the Genius Kit is $99.

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