10 Awesome Geeky Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we have to prepare with suitable gifts for our loved ones. We geeks have quite different taste options when it comes to the things we enjoy and thus it might prove difficult to find the perfect gift, but rest easy, we are here to help.

A typical “you’re my Valentine” card and some flowers would simply not do and thus we give you a choice between some more original products that would better suit the person you care about. Sometimes it is the easiest thing in the world to give a gift to the person you love, but other times it might prove a challenge so here are some options that will hopefully make your search shorter.

Geeky funny Valentines Day gift idea 8-bit Bouquet

geeky funny Valentines Day gift idea 8-bit Bouquet

8-bit art is something that brings us back to a time when things were quite a bit simpler, at least when it came to video games, and any true gamer will have a nostalgic reaction when seeing them. The great thing about these pixilated beauties is that they won’t need constant care and are just as romantic. The bouquet is 13” tall and you can get it for $21.75, but you also have a choice for a single 8-bit rose that has brighter colors and is a bit smaller, or you can simply pick a legendary hero with three hearts to give to your princess.

 Geeky Cufflinks

Valentines Day gift idea geeky Cufflinks

Cufflinks are really useful and a great accessory for your boyfriend or husband and if he loves Star Wars then the ones inspired from the Stormtroopers will be a perfect idea. You get them in a wonderful package with a ribbon tie to make them even more festive and they are made from stainless steel, so they will last forever. The best thing is that you can also choose some inspired from the classical Pac Man game of from with the symbol of house Stark from Game of Thrones, so why settle for a single pair? Get them here.

Valentine’s Day Star Wars Stormtrooper Darth Vader

Valentines Day Star Wars gift idea

This plush stormtrooper toy is really festive with the rose and candy hearts, making it a great gift for all ages and the most hilarious Valentine’s Day gift. The plush toy has a size of six inches and is truly adorable due to the giant head with a small body. You can currently purchase one for $15.03 on Amazon.  As the perfect companion to the previous plush toy stands the Darth Vader model which also comes with a rose and candy hearts as well as with a red bow tie to make things even more festive. You can remove the small candies and have a great memory for the years to come and they are suitable for anyone over the age of four, so get yours here for $16.86!

 Constellation Earrings

The stars are wonderful and when they are made of white topaz with sterling silver wires connecting the constellations then they are even better, so this is quite an amazing gift for your nerdy Valentine even if she isn’t particularly involved in astronomy. They come in several options with the Big Dipper and Little Dipper or Orion and Casiopeia. When it comes to putting them on, they are worn through the insertion of the back pin through the pierced hole and then rotating the piece up, so even that is quite a unique feature for them, so get them now for only $12.49

Star Wars Han and Leia Hand Towels

Although there were so many jokes made after this exchange of lines in The Empire Strikes Back, it is actually a good way of defining the difference between men and women, so it could prove a perfect gift if you’re a couple with a developed sense of humor and a passion for Star Wars. You have the silhouettes of Leia and Han with their line on one side and on the other is the Rebel Alliance insignia and the towels are made of cotton and bamboo. You can get them here for $24.99.

Legend of Zelda Premium Journal

Great for both him and for her, this Legend of Zelda journal comes with a map of Hyrule on the endpaper and a shield with the Hylian symbol makes sure your notes remain safe and protected. There are 120 unlined pages in the journal so they are really great for drawing as well as for writing about your epic adventures or anything else. They cost $19.99 and you can get one here.

Space Invaders Necklace

geeky Valentines Day gift idea space invaders necklace

A handcrafted jewel made out of solid gold will certainly impress anyone and this one has an 8 bit robot motif that is ideal for the old school gamers that want to make a statement. The gold is 9k, 14k or 18k and you can choose from a white, yellow or rose finish and the best thing is that you can add custom engravings to make it quite unique. They come wrapped in a gift box so you don’t have to worry about this but it will take around two to three weeks to craft them, so hurry up and get one here for $395.

Bacon Body Wash & Bacon Soap in Tin

silly Valentines Day gift idea geeky bacon

If you have a Valentine who really loves bacon then the idea of constantly smelling like one might seem attractive and now you can give them a gift they always wanted without knowing it. This soap can be used by a girl who wants to smell yummier for her boyfriend but you should be careful around dogs after using this soap! To accompany the classy vintage looking soap you also have access to the accoutrements bacon body wash to make your day complete. The soap costs $7.81 and the body wash is $7.15

Zombie Plush Slippers

Valentines Day gift idea geeky zombie slippers

No matter the age, these are certainly going to be loved by everyone who visits your home. Each slipper looks like a zombie head with the brains and eyes coming out and you just slide your feet into the mouth of the zombie for a comfortable stroll through the house. Undead footwear is something everyone should try and since we all love zombies they are certain to be a big hit. You can get them for $10.37 so it’s a no brainer to get a pair for your Valentine!

Star Wars I Love You – I Know Necklace

Following the same theme as the towels in our list, the quote from The Empire Strikes Back is a great gift for those who love Star Wars and instead of a heart necklace the Rebel Alliance insignia is a really good choice. The two shapes make up the Phoenix starbird and are made of stainless steel with a 28”ball chain that cab be trimmed it it’s too long. You can get it for $39.99.

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