Oukitel U10 Brings Metal Body, 3GB RAM to the Table

Two sought-after aspects in today’s smartphones and phablets are durability and the ability to run as many resource hungry apps simultaneously as possible. With a metal body and 3GB of RAM, Oukitel U10 handles both of these parts gracefully.

As of late, a lot of Chinese smartphones are equipped with 3GB of RAM, so this will soon become the standard. To stay competitive, Taiwanese, South Korean and Japanese phone makers will have to adopt this trend in most of their phones, too. But in a sea of options, can a smartphone manufacturer still prove its uniqueness? The trick is to know what customers want and to provide great value for money. Oukitel seems to have managed that with its U10 smartphone, which doesn’t only come with 3GB of RAM, but also with a sturdy metal body, among other things.

The design is obviously one of the biggest selling points of this phablet, but that’s not all. Oukitel U10 is based on MediaTek’s MT6753 SoC (I will never understand the numbering scheme of this chip maker), which includes an octa-core CPU running at 1.3Ghz, as well as the ever so popular Mali T760 MP2 GPU. For storage, the manufacturer provides 16GB of ROM, but you can expect the operating system (Android 5.1) to take about 40% of that.

At 7.9mm, I wouldn’t call the U10 super thin, considering that there are much thinner smartphones out there. However, it still is pretty sleek, and the fact that the body is made from a metal alloy makes it even more elegant.

One of the best things about Oukitel U10 is that you can swap the second SIM card (assuming that you only need one) for a microSD card, in order to expand the storage. By doing so, you can get up to 32GB of additional storage for music, movies and games.

It’s pretty impressive that you can get the Oukitel U10 for only $159.99 at GearBest, especially since the device even sports a FullHD display. The manufacturer takes pride in the JDI-made 5.5″ multi-touch display that the U10 is equipped with. Assuming that the camera resolutions are not interpolated and that the 2850mAh battery is real, this might as well be one of the best Android phablets this year in terms of value for money.

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