The 20th anniversary dualshock 4 will be sold separately

On december, last year, the PlayStation brand turned 20, so they released a limited edition PS4 with the classic colors from the PS1. To keep the celebration going, Sony announced the relaunch of the DualShock 4 grey controllers in the same gamma, which will be sold separately without the bundle.


The 20th anniversary DualShock 4 shown in Las Vegas last year is going to be relaunched on september for European countries, and in late september/early october for American territories. There are no certainties if other regions will also get their own limited edition DualShock 4, but Sony is doing their part to keep the 20th anniversary celebration going.


Besides the new color gamma tributing the original PlayStation, this new edition of the DualShock 4 isn’t any different from the regular, original controllers which came in black, red, yellow and blue. What’s more, with the touch pad taking a huge portion of the controller’s front, there is not a lot of room left to feature the PS symbols like the ones that came with the original 20th anniversary PS4 did, but will feature the “dots” seen in every other DualShock 4 model instead. And yet, despite all of this, it gets our nostalgia glands going, and the grey finishing looks just beautiful. Sony, can we get commercially released bundles all in grey? We’d probably buy a PS4 all over again.

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