8Bit Fuzz: Pac Man Ghosts Remakes

Besides being one of the most popular video games of all times, Pac Man has a lot of art created in its tribute. Here is a new version we just came across entitled 8Bit Fuzz; it is goofy but groovy 🙂

8bit fuzz pac man

Artist Pauline Acalin has brought the four infamous Pac man Ghosts together with a great makeover that includes great mysterious names: Señor Pinky, Herr Blinky, Inky-San and Clyde. Along with the font and color theme, she has created an ode to the ghosts that is just awesome.

senor pinky pac man ghost 8bit fuzz

herr blinky pac man ghost 8bit fuzz

Other amazing Pac Man tribute art we simply loved included the Gingerbread Pacman Arcade, all the different Pac Man Tattoos or the cool Pac Man Nails.

inky-san pac man ghost 8bit fuzz

clyde pac man ghost 8bit fuzz