Panamp: iPhone Music Player App

iOS devices are great for taking your music on the go, but many people prefer to find apps to replace their standard music player. Panamp for the iPhone and iPod touch aims to improve on the music playing capabilities of the iOS devices by adding some amazing features.

While the default music player is great, smooth, and easy to use, some find that it lacks some key features. One features that I have always missed is the ability to make an “on-the-go” playlist, such as on the Classic and Nano iPods. This is just one of the many features of Panamp, the iPhone music player.

Other than fast queuing (done by swiping on a song), the app allows users to browse their music quicker as well. As someone who takes the full potential of his 64 Gb iPod touch, I am constantly wondering how I can speed up my search process. The app also offers a convenient implementation of playback control, offering the ability to tap songs to move on to the next one, or swipe to the right to go back! The dynamic queue offers a number of features, some of which just seem to be common sense for a device that is controlled by touch.

Power searching is another awesome feature, allowing users to search for an artist by swiping to the left and bring up albums, individual songs, and of course add them to the fast queue. My hope is that I’ll be able to search for featured artists; I’ve always wanted Apple to implement a specific box in iTunes to list the featured artists, as a great number of my music contains featured artists, and sometimes I just want to hear that one artist, but not just their one album!

Panamp looks amazing and a sure download for music lovers. It hits the App Store on July 14th, 2011, so make sure you get your copy of it ASAP! Maybe they’ll also put out an iPad version of it as well in the near future!

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