Pie Chart Graffiti Stencil for Accurate Art

If you’re a graffiti artist out to get your message across, but are anal retentive about getting statistics just right in your guerrilla art, this might be what you’ve been missing. When attempting to make the public aware of statistics, sometimes straight numbers don’t completely get the point across. Images to represent percentages as a part of a whole work great for visualization, particularly the pie chart. NotCot introduced us to this awesome DIY stencil by Free Art & Technology which makes it easy to produce your own adjustable stencil to accurately graph on a pie chart.

Infoviz Graffiti Pie Chart 1

Infoviz Graffiti Pie Chart 2

Infoviz Graffiti Pie Chart 3

Infoviz Graffiti Pie Chart 4

Infoviz Graffiti Pie Chart 5

The circle that makes up the chart is interrupted by a slender bar which makes a radius from the center to the bottom. At the center are a wing nut and tension bolt which allow a second arm to be moved around. One can add tick marks like those on a clock or watch, only with 10 “hours” instead of 12 in order to more easily work with decimals.

Using some of the examples pictured, you could accurately show how women only earn 77% per dollar of men, with an arrow pointing to the chunk of the graph representing that percentage. That text is also adjustable with a printing press-like setup where you can create your statement letter by letter and number by number. Once your text is set and your pie chart is calibrated, just place the stencil against the surface you wish to mark, and go to town with your spray paint. Pull the stencil away and you have a beautiful and precise pie chart, the stencil itself fully reusable for a completely different cause. If you prefer your graffiti to be less politically-charged, we’ve also covered plenty of fun and beautiful art ranging from 32 Examples of Star Wars Graffiti to 23 Works of Video Game Street Art.