Panda Seaweed Nori Punch Makes Delicious Onigiri

If you are not a huge fan of eating raw fish or sushi, you might want to try other lesser known items in Japanese cuisine.

This Panda shaped mold lets you make rice balls that look like a panda. The Panda Seaweed Nori Punch is a great gift to make to those who are into Japanese culture or to just about anyone who likes to eat Onigiri, which are stuffed rice balls.

You could take a handful of boiled rice and cup it in your palms and create a hole. You can then stuff the rice ball with any filling of your choice and then shove it inside the panda shaped mold. The resulting Onigiri will look like a panda and can be a great way to spend a picnic or two. Japanese cuisine can be really interesting and fun molds like this can encourage people who are not familiar with Japanese cuisine to try something new.

The Panda Seaweed Nori Punch costs $12.99 and is an affordable gift that can be given to friends. You might also want to take a look at the Nico Sushi Memo Clock that we had featured sometime ago. If you don’t like sushi and simply admire their presentation by chefs, you could buy Sushi Pillows that do not smell of fish.